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Our Mission

To empower Ugandan women through a vibrant social enterprise that provides stable employment and educational opportunities, thereby building the capacity of artisans to end their cycle of poverty and become advocates for change in their communities.

Our Vision

A Ugandan society where families have the resources to provide an education for their children and lead healthy, productive lives as active participants in the development of their community.

Our Impact

Through consistent employment with Musana Jewelry, artisans gain economic stability and develop marketable and transferable skills by taking supplemental classes in literacy, English, entrepreneurship and health. The effective combination of employment and education results in empowered and self-reliant individuals who are capable of supporting their families and securing greater prosperity for themselves and their local communities.

All artisans have more than doubled their monthly income by working with Musana, and many are learning to read and write in Luganda and English for the first time. Their children are in school, they can afford proper preventative and medical care, and they are setting aside savings for the future. Musana is currently partnering with a local Ugandan university to create and implement an in-depth impact analysis of Musana’s social programs, and this report should be available to our supporters in 2014.

What We Do

Musana Jewelry is a nonprofit 501c3 social enterprise that sells beautifully handcrafted jewelry and accessories in the United States produced by Ugandan artisans. One hundred percent of profits from U.S. sales, combined with donations and grants, are invested in the growth of Musana artisans through educational and vocational trainings. We are firmly rooted in Uganda, particularly in our town of Lugazi, and so we strive to integrate into the Ugandan economy by sourcing the majority of our materials locally and collaborating with local artisans, academics and professionals.

Musana specifically targets women from difficult backgrounds to hire as artisans. These women face a multitude of challenges, including struggling with HIV/AIDS, lacking a formal education, and being the sole providers for their large families, all while surviving on less than $1 a day. Employment is a first step in overcoming these challenges, and Musana’s training programs provide additional vital resources for the artisans in long-term self-reliance.

Women are the best investment for real change in economic and social development. Studies have shown that women living in poverty invest 90 cents of each dollar earned into their families, whereas their male counterparts on average invest 30-40 cents of each dollar earned. To the best of their means, women make sure that their children go to school, that they are fed, and that there is a roof over their heads. Supporting women lifts entire communities, not just individuals.

Musana Jewelry establishes the market connection between talented Ugandan craftswomen and international consumers. We connect people around the world through an appreciation of beautiful handicraft and the intention to support fair-trade, handmade, environmentally conscious products. In bringing artisans together with Musana supporters, interns, volunteers, bloggers, and professionals, all invested in seeing the end of absolute poverty, cultural barriers are broken down, perspectives are broadened, and even lasting connections are formed.

Interested in getting involved? Shop our products, donate to program development, host a Musana Market, or email us to volunteer!